How to build a career in cloud server Vietnam (part 2)

August 21, 2017

At Concur and elsewhere across the enterprise spectrum, IT professionals are making a career in the cloud server Vietnam today.

If not by name, then by function

IT professionals who understand the nuances of cloud computing are in demand at newbie ventures entering business with all infrastructure and services in the cloud as well as within existing companies grappling with how to best take advantage of this latest computing trend. These folks might have in-depth technical knowledge, the ability to decipher vendor strategies or be able to advise on, plan and architect cloud solutions, for example.

Cloud computing skills

  • Virtual switching
  • Information security, compliance, data integrity
  • Services management – a la the IT Infrastructure Library framework – and orchestration
  • Business-IT alignment
  • Software-as-a-service management
  • Data analytics, data warehousing, master data management
  • Developing continued expertise in one or more of the following IT areas will better prepare IT professionals for a role in cloud projects
  • Systems administration, with an emphasis on virtualization
  • Storage networking
  • Cloud servers IBM Vietnam platforms (from players such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft)

    Cloud server vietnam

But that does not mean IT professionals looking for their next strategic career step should seek out cloud-specific titles. Those will be hard, if not impossible, to find, experts say.

Cloud is a convenient term to encompass an emerging set of business and technology models, but in and of itself it is not a role,” says Jimmy Harris, managing director of cloud computing at Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.

If a company is going to embrace a cloud computing model, it’ll need IT professionals capable of handling service management, for example. They’ll be charged with defining service sets, determining their performance characteristics and assembling the components necessary for delivery. “So service manager is a role, but not ‘cloud’ service managerthe cloud is just part of things.” he says.

To put it another way, “If you don’t find ‘cloud’ in the title, you will definitely find specific pieces and parts of the cloud in a job description. You’ll find things like, ‘Do you have exposure to Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google and virtualization? What have you done from systems administration, network connection, storage capacity and code perspectives?’” Garner says.

Agreed, says Dan Shipley, data center architect for Supplies Network, an IT consumables wholesaler in St. Charles, Mo.

While Supplies Network has developed a private cloud using Xsigo’s virtual I/O technology and expects to move to a hybrid model at some point, IT hasn’t designated “cloud manager” or some such as a job title, he says. Rather, it’s added associated responsibilities to some existing titles and is requiring lots of education and training on the company’s cloud’s fabric and virtualization platform, Shipley says.

This mirrors what Robert Half Technology sees among its clients, says John Reed, district president with the worldwide IT employment firm.

We don’t see a lot of companies specifically saying, ‘this is a cloud computing role we’re creating,’ but we’re filling positions for that role in one way or another with people who have the resources and expertise to support cloud computing initiatives,” he says.

For example, a company might come to Robert Half looking for a data warehouse professional, information security specialist or systems administrator to do A, B and C. “If we start to probe into the sorts of projects they’ll be working on and why the hire is needed, that flushes out to the Servers cloud VPS Vietnam effort — but if we don’t ask, they’re not really telling us,” Reed says.

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