Private vs. public cloud servers Vietnam: What’s the difference?

January 20, 2017

If you’ve been researching cloud server Vietnam, you’re probably well aware of the private vs. public cloud debate.

Before you decide which end of the debate you side with, it is necessary to know the difference between the two of them.


Private cloud

A private cloud hosting plan, also known as an enterprise or internal cloud, resides on company’s intranet or hosted data center (DC) where all of your data is protected behind a firewall. This can be a good choice for individuals, organizations or companies who already have expensive DCs since they can use their existing infrastructure. However, the main drawback people see with a private cloud is that all management, updating and maintenance of DCs are the responsibility of the company. Over time, it is expected that your servers should be replaced, which can get much expensive. On the other hands private cloud servers Dell Vietnam offer an increased level of security and they will share few, if any, resources with other users.


Public cloud

The key differentiator between private and public clouds is that you are not responsible for any of the management of a public cloud hosting plan. Your data is hosted in the provider’s DC and the provider is responsible for the maintenance and management of the DC. This type of cloud environment is appealing to many enterprises because it decreases lead times in checking and deploying new products. However, the drawback is that many users feel that safety can be lacking with a public cloud. Although you do not manage the safety of a public cloud, all of your data still remains separate from others and safety breaches of public cheap cloud servers Vietnam are rare.


So which is right solution for you? Finally, it all boils down to control. The smaller may choose a public cloud while he large company should choose a private cloud.