The environmental impact of Vietnam cloud server

August 15, 2017

One of important current way to go green while not cutting into services is through cloud server Vietnam.

What is cloud computing

Cloud computing or cloud services refer to using an information and communications technology network to store information and perform some computing tasks. Does this sound like the Internet, does is? Cloud computing allows enterprises to do many of their tasks, rather than purchasing and setting up their own hardware and software. All tasks, from basic email to complicated slideshow creation, are handled through a remote computer through the cloud computing.

How this saves energy

When a company hosts its own data on website using its own computers, a surprising amount of energy is wasted. The computer is constantly running, yet it doesn’t use its full potential for storage and software use. Therefore, energy is consumed that’s not beneficial to the company.

With Vietnam cloud servers hosting, various companies can share the hardware, therefore allowing more energy efficient use of the machines. This reduces energy consumption by up to 95 % and also cuts the company’s utility costs by up to 90 percent.

Companies that use cloud services instead of purchasing multi-copies of their software also help the environment by limiting waste. Cloud computing sometimes allows a company to avoid purchasing a machine or two, and this also limits waste.

vietnam cloud server

Saving money while saving energy

Energy is not the only way which enterprises save when they utilize cloud technology. They also save money. With this technology, enterprises buy what they use, rather than paying for all of the costs of operating the machines that provide the services they need. Lowered energy bills and the elimination of the need to buy expensive machines and software increase a company’s bottom line.

Saving energy can also bring in more business. Going green is hugely popular with the general public, and companies can maximize on this as a marketing ploy. Through best cloud servers Vietnam, they can brand themselves as being “energy efficient.” Maximizing on this through public relations can bring in more business.

Unlike other green solutions for business, this one doesn’t end up costing more, yet it still appeals to the customers and helps drum up more business. This makes it a winning solution for savvy business owners who want to turn their corporation into an eco-friendly company, without breaking their budgets.

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