Three simple ways to cut costs of the cloud server Vietnam in AWS

August 15, 2017

If you have recently reviewed your AWS bill, here are three habits of leading cloud innovators to manage cloud server Vietnam costs.

Amazon Web Services created what I refer to as the “Cloud Gold Rush” in 2016 when they offered storage at a monthly cost of 15 cents per GB, and compute at an hourly cost of 10 cents. This innovative service drew thousands of companies that were looking to reduce IT costs. Though their prices have dropped significantly throughout the years, several organizations learned the difficult way that migrating to the public cloud doesn’t always result in the desired cost savings. Actually, companies have received public cloud bills that are two to three times larger than what they expected.

This does not mean you should not consider moving to the public cloud. The public cloud provides significant advantages like greater speed and innovation and responsiveness and simpler operations. The issue is presuming that migrating to the public best cloud servers Vietnam, without enforcing governance, management and automation, will result lower costs. It is the quintessential mistake of believing “this technology will fix my problem” when experience demonstrates that process and individuals have a much bigger impact than technology.

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  1. Leverage Reserved Instances and continuously optimize them

You’re missing out on potential cost savings if you aren’t leveraging Reserved Instances from AWS. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the many options. Or perhaps it has been difficult to find the time to analyze. However, you can save up to 75 % compared to On-Demand pricing with Reserved Instances. This makes them a choice for any organization with consistent EC2 or RDS usage.

  1. Eradicate zombie instances

Zombie instances are a similar issue. Go check out your C-type EC2 instances — any with less than 5 % CPU utilization are likely zombie. Furthermore, it is common to see thousands of dollars spent on unattached EBS volumes in AWS accounts — volumes that you are spending money on, but are not being used for anything. Our rule of thumb is if a volume has gone unattached for two weeks, it is probably a zombie, which can be eliminated.

  1. Right size your infrastructure regularly

Cloud workloads are naturally transient —the option to resize workloads on-demand is a main benefit of the public cheap cloud servers Vietnam. Besides, cloud workloads are self-service: anybody that needs assets provisioned can just log in and easily spin them up. These benefits, however, can come with downfalls. Some enterprises find their compute instances so underutilized for two primary reasons: A workload is either not as resource – intensive as it was before or someone has accidentally over-provisioned the instance. This can fast drive up spend if unchecked.


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